About Me - Jeremy Guzman

Jeremy Guzman Photography formally started in the summer of 2017, but Jeremy has had a camera in his hands since he was old enough to walk. Throughout high school he was known for being in love with photography, and ventured to obtain a formal degree in Photography from Barton College in North Carolina. Life took a different path, but the passion for capturing life through the lens never ceased, and throughout time he has captured photos of his friends, colleagues, and children. Now, decades later, he again is able to make this passion a pursuit of capturing the perfect image - an image that tells the story.

Starting off with a Nikon FA and a manual focus lens, Jeremy learned the art of proper exposition of 35mm film.  He was fortunate enough to work for a Photo Lab, often in charge of proper development of film and color correction of customer's photos.  This position also afforded him the ability to learn new camera equipment, and utilize one of the first professional Digital SLR cameras, the Nikon D100.  Jeremy was a Nikon fanatic, with his personal camera body of choice being an F100 at the time.

At Barton College, Jeremy received a work study in the archives for the college.  The work study came with access to the archives as well as a personal and private studio and dark room.  

After college, Jeremy kept his photography passion alive by photographing nature, landscape, family and friends.

Jeremy has had his photos featured in print, internet and in International Photo competitions.  He is often asked to photograph major events and capture the most important events in the lives of his family and friends.  It is a passion to be the artist composing the photograph, and Jeremy truly enjoys his documentary and natural style to photography.

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